Our mission

Make the internet free of universal promo codes

Veeper tracks customers’ shopping habits to apply the optimum discount that gets them to buy more. We help businesses solve the problem of optimizing profits when combined with discounts and promos, while rewarding customers for their loyalty. Businesses thrive by building strong relationships with their customers. Veeper’s technology allows them to turn any customer into patrons of the business.




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Our team

Jordan Williams

Co-founder & CEO

Wasim Irshad Ph.D

Co-founder & CTO

Julian Taylor

Co-founder & COO

Our investors

We’re lucky to be joined on this journey by some of the best in the game.

Our values

Customer obsession

Customer discovery should lead every decision.

80/20 everything

Focus on what is going to move the needle.

Be blunt

Beating around the bush only wastes time.

Beautifully simple

Any product that needs a manual to work is broken.

Make an impact

If it’s not making people’s lives better, why bother?

Own a passport

Get your work done and then go travel.

Business model

Veeper earns a commission from the store. We do not sell or share your data (You can read our Privacy Policy) here

We're building a better way to offer discounts and reward customers for their loyalty. We only do well when our partners do even better.

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