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Who we are

We are a remote team of tenacious individuals committed to improving both the way in which merchants reward their loyal customers and how they shop/save online.

We believe collaboration is the key to success, no matter how many hats we have to wear.

We pride ourselves on forming strong relationships that allow us to push eachother’s work and personal development further. Each team member has a great opportunity to make a big impact, and together, as a distributed and connected team, we support each other in every area of the company to achieve it.

Our values

Customer obsession

Customer discovery should lead every decision.

80/20 everything

Focus on what is going to move the needle.

Be blunt

Beating around the bush only wastes time.

Beautifully simple

Any product that needs a manual to work is broken.

Make an impact

If it’s not making people’s lives better, why bother?

Own a passport

Get your work done and then go travel.

Werk perks

Get your work done and go enjoy life.

Competitive salary

We want ‘A’ players and understand that comes with a price tag.

Remote first

We want our team to work where they are most comfortable and productive.

Stock options

We want everyone to be invested in Veeper’s growth and success.

Flexible hours

We believe in your freedom to work when and how you work best, to help us all thrive.

Learning and development

We only grow if each team member gets better at their craft.

Health, dental and vision

Your health and safety should always come before work.

Company reteats

We know that building strong relationships happen best in-person. Plus, they’re fun.

Happy hours

James Bond seems to meet all of his acquaintances over a martini.

Free laptop

Choose your favourite laptop - Mac or Dell.

Why we work at Veeper

I get to meet people growing brands and build cool things for them everyday. There's always something new to think about, learn and figure out.

- Jordan

What I enjoy most about  Veeper is working with good people without egos! and the team happy hours 😉

- Julian

It's exciting to work on a product that makes a real world impact. It makes the extra time spent coding to make it right all worth it.

- Wasim

Everyone on the team is willing to help each other, which makes life easier!

- Mark

Open Positions

Let’s build cool sh*t

Customer Support

Customer Support Manager


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Product Designer


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Backend Developer


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Frontend Developer


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Engineering Manager, Infrastructure


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Senior Full Stack Developer


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