Increase AOV by net 14%

Auto-apply the smallest discount that gets each customer to buy more - using their shopping habits and AI

Never have to think about, calculate or even create discounts and promo codes ever again!

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In a few clicks, Veeper will integrate with your store’s cart.

Your products are automatically uploaded.

Increase your
add-to-cart rate

We nudge your customers to add more items to the cart.

More items in the cart = More sales

Apply the smallest discount needed & upsell

While they shop, we calculate the optimum personalized discount that gets them to buy more.

Watch them
come back

The more they shop;
the more their discount will increase;
the more they’ll come back!

Reasons to use Veeper

Veeper auto-applies the smallest discount that gets each customer to buy more

Increase sales

Each time a customer adds an item to the cart, they’ll see their discount increase.

More items in the cart = More sales

Stop overspending on discounts

Only reward your most loyal customers. Don’t lose money with large and random ‘SUMMER40’ promo codes.

Reward the right shoppers

No more headaches

Say goodbye to customer loyalty management and having to calculate, create, share and apply promos.

Allow Veeper to do all the work

Protect your profit

Prevent promo codes being shared over the internet and used by customers who don’t deserve the discount.

Personalized & single-use.

Increase customer

Unlimited customers are automatically enrolled and rewarded.

No download - shop like normal

Customer spending analytics

Track, manage and reward each customer based on their spending
habits and loyalty.

Track how well Veeper works

For every kind of product/store/industry

As long as you’re selling products, Veeper will work.

Watch your numbers grow

*Cumulative average of real Veeper merchants.


Avg increase in sales


Avg net increase in AOV


Avg increase in Add-to-Cart rate


Avg increase in conversion rate


Avg customer discount


No. of Veeper Merchants

Don’t want to offer a discount on a product?... Remove it.

If you have new products that you don’t want to offer discounts on...

You can remove them.

If a product is struggling to sell...

We’ll notify you suggesting to add it back into your Veeper loyalty program!

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