Simple, straight forward pricing.

Standard Rate


Commission fee for each sale a customer applies their Veeper discount to

$60 shirt
$1.50 fee

Everything In Standard Rate

Add-to-Cart push notification
Automatic smart discounts
Personalized promo codes
Custom branding
Analytics dashboard
Unlimited customers
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Unlimited customers!

If the shopper doesn’t use
their Veeper discount...

We don’t charge you.

Pay us with money you
wouldn’t have without us.
We’re always adding new
features and products
We don’t charge unless
we help you make a sale.
No upfront or
monthly/annual fees.

*Pricing shown is in USD.

What companies are saying

Veeper not only increased Fable’s add-to-cart rate by 6.4%, it gave me peace of mind knowing that we are rewarding the right customers.

Joe Parenteau

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